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Lock Nuts

Lock Nuts, locking Nuts or jam nuts come in various forms as shown below, and our inventory in this area includes prevailing torque nuts and all metal locking nuts. Traditionally a Lock Nut is a DIN 439 Half Nut which can be used in pairs to create a locking mechanism, but today we have many other options. Lock Nuts containing a nylon collar which deforms when a threaded fastener is inserted, causing a frictional locking action, are very popular. Referred to as nyloc nuts we have several variants in metric and imperial sizes. Also stocked are All Metal Locking Nuts where again a collared section, this time made of metal but slightly smaller in diameter to the rest of the nut, deforms as the nut is tightened. Where vibration to the bolted connection is likely to cause loosening, a lock nut is the simplest and most effective solution.
Fastener Material Key
A2 Stainless Steel - Also known as grade 304 or 18/8. A general purpose grade of stainless steel.
A4 Stainless Steel - Also known as grade 316 or 18/8/3. A higher corrosion resistant, marine grade of stainless steel.
Brass - Offers an attractive, corrosion resistant finish.
Bright Zinc Plated (BZP) Steel - Non-stainless standard steel grade offering a basic level of corrosion resistance.
Bright Zinc Plated (BZP) Class 10 High Tensile Steel - A higher tensile non-stainless grade for nuts, with a basic level of corrosion resistance.
Bright Zinc Plated (BZP) Class 8 High Tensile Steel - The general purpose high tensile grade for nuts, offering a basic level of corrosion resistance.


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