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Marine Grade Fastenings

Marine grade fastenings are generally manufactured from A4 or 316 stainless steel and are suitable for sea and coastal applications where stronger anti-corrosion properties are required. These materials have a higher content of nickel and molybdenum, making them less susceptible to crevice corrosion and pitting.
Fastener Material Key
A4 Stainless Steel - Also known as grade 316 or 18/8/3. A higher corrosion resistant, marine grade of stainless steel.
A4-80 Stainless Steel - Identical corrosion resistance to A4-70 but with a higher tensile strength equivalent to that of 8.8 high tensile steel.
Duplex Stainless Steel 1.4462 - A type of stainless steel which has greater corrosion resistance than A4 / 316 and a high tensile strength of minimum 700 N/mm2. Also known as 318LN.


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