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ergo.® RTV Silicone - MEKO free

ergo.® RTV silicones are permanently elastic adhesives and sealants specially designed for bonding and sealing glass and metal constructions, housings, gear parts and flanges. ergo.® RTV silicones do not release corrosive by-products such as acetic acid in the cross-linking reaction. They are mainly used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, tool construction, electrical engineering, electronics and precision engineering.

Offical UK Distributor for ergo.® products by Kisling AG

Founded in 1862 in Zurich, Kisling AG started in 1998 to manufacture high-performance adhesives and sealants from their factory in Switzerland.

The Kisling AG product range marketed under the brand name ergo.® encompasses high-strength methacrylate and epoxy-based structural adhesives, anaerobic adhesives, instant adhesives, hybrid polymer adhesives and sealants, as well as RTV silicones for a variety of applications.
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