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ergo.® 5011 Instant Adhesive

ergo.® instant adhesives ensure an effortless bonding performance on metals, plastics, elastomers, wood, plaster, stone,ceramics and many other substrates. These solvent-free, extremely fast-curing one-component products can be used in a wide range of applications, even under difficult conditions.

ergo.® 5011 is a universally usable adhesive for most materials and applications. Viscosity, cure speed and strength are in balanced relation to each other. Fast curing, not suitable for extreme additional requirements.

Offical UK Distributor for ergo.® products by Kisling AG

Founded in 1862 in Zurich, Kisling AG started in 1998 to manufacture high-performance adhesives and sealants from their factory in Switzerland.

The Kisling AG product range marketed under the brand name ergo.® encompasses high-strength methacrylate and epoxy-based structural adhesives, anaerobic adhesives, instant adhesives, hybrid polymer adhesives and sealants, as well as RTV silicones for a variety of applications.
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