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Double Ear Hose Clamps in A2 Stainless Steel

Double Ear Hoseclips, also known as 2 Ear or 'O' Clips, have many uses and are a less expensive, easily assembled solution to ensure against loss of liquid, air or gases from hoses and tubing. Our range is made from W4 Stainless Steel and manufactured to remove any sharp edges to prevent damage to application. Tamper proof and quick to fit they ensure a consistent clamping pressure even on metal to metal connections. Uses include Heating and Ventilation systems, Compressed Air systems and Welding Equipment. It is important the correct size is used and also fitted using the correct tooling. Our manufacturer recommends choosing a clip that is 0.4mm above the hose assembly.
Double Ear Hose Clamps in A2 Stainless Steel image
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