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Westfield Fasteners Product Specification:

Gate and Shutter Hook and Eyes with Wood Thread

This product guide contains the specification for Gate and Shutter Hook and Eyes, a series of standard parts available from Westfield Fasteners.

Product Description
Gate and shutter hook and with two eye screws and wood threads, in A2 or 304 stainless steel. Also known as cabin hooks and eye latches. Useful for lightweight duties holding gates, doors and hatches open for both outdoor and indoor environments.

The eye screws have a sharp point and a woodscrew threaded end, enabling them to be turned straight into wood. They can also be used in masonry and concrete when used with a wall plug. A pilot hole will be helpful on fitting, especially with hardwoods. This pilot hole can be made with a bradawl or small drill bit.

Gate hooks are available in a number of sizes: The data in Figure 1 and Table 1 below outline the overall dimensions for each variant.

technical drawing of Gate and Shutter Hook and Eyes with Wood Thread

Figure 1: Gate and Shutter Hook with Eyes

Table 1: Product Dimensions (mm)

lengthhook diameter (d)thread diameter (d2)thread length (T)