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Shackle with Swivel Fork Fork Hex

This product guide contains the specification for Shackle with Swivel Fork Fork Hex as available from Westfield Fasteners. The basis of this specification is the ??? standard ???.

Product Description
Swivel shackle with a jaw on both ends (anchor swivel jaw jaw) are designed to prevent any twisting, knotting and snagging on a line or chain. Any twists in a rope or chain could start kinking that would reduce the effectiveness and cause damage. Swivel shackles with a jaw at each end allows them to be connected to a pre-existing system of ropes or chains. The jaws have a shackle style opening with a threaded pin, which allows the jaw to open.
The shackle ends spin on a central pin which the nuts are welded to. These A4 marine grade stainless steel swivel shackles are strong and durable.
This type of swivel shackle has a hex/socket drive on the jaw pins.

technical drawing of Shackle with Swivel Fork Fork Hex

Figure 1: Shackle with Swivel Fork Fork Hex

Table 1: Dimensions & Tolerances

dLengthBCBreaking Load(kg)Working Load(kg)

For further details, please refer to the ISO/DIN standard document for this item.