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Westfield Fasteners Product Specification:

Swivel Shackle with Eyes

This product guide contains the specification for Swivel Shackles with Eyes or Eyelets: standard marine parts available from Westfield Fasteners.

Product Description
Swivel shackles are designed to help prevent twisting, knotting and snagging on a line or chain. Excessive twisting in a rope or chain line can cause kinking that could reduce the line's effectiveness and potentially cause damage. Swivel shackles are available with either an eye or jaw fitting at each of it's two ends, and so a small number of variations on the basic design are available. The shackle ends pivot on a central pin which the retaining nuts are welded to.

These A4 marine grade stainless steel swivel shackles are strong and durable.

technical drawing of Shackle with Swivel Eye Eye

Figure 1: Swivel Shackle with Eyes

Table 1: Dimensions & Tolerances (mm), and Loadings (kg)

dLengthl1BBreaking Load (kg)Working Load (kg)