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Westfield Fasteners Product Specification:

Wire Rope Clamp, Duplex Type

This specification outlines the dimensions and features defining wire rope clamps of duplex type, a series of standard parts available from Westfield Fasteners. This guide should be referred to when selecting parts for new systems, or when sourcing replacements.

Product Description
Duplex wire clamps, also known as duplex wire rope grips, are used in wire cable assemblies to clamp the wire and create loops/eyes for attachment.
The clamp is made up of an assembly of parts. To fit, remove the nuts and the plate and lay the wire around the threaded sections to form a protruding loop of the desired size. Simply replace the plate and tighten the nut down to secure.

technical drawing of Wire Rope Clamp, Duplex Type

Figure 1: Wire Clamp, Duplex Type

Table 1: Wire Clamp Approx. Dimensions, in mm

Wire DiameterBdh2Lengthh1