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Westfield Fasteners Product Specification:

Square Pad Eye Plate with Swivel & Ring

This product guide contains the specification for Square Pad Eye Plates with swivelling eye and ring, a series of standard parts available from Westfield Fasteners' Marine Hardware section.

Product Description
Pad eye plates are available in a number of shapes and configurations, including these square pad eyes, which have 4 fixing points, an integral swivelling eye attachment loop, and captive ring. Pad eyes are also referred to as a deck plates, mooring plates, fairleads and eye plates. Padeyes are often use as attachment points for staysails, reefing blocks, mounting and mast foot blocks, but also for just about anything that needs an attachment point, like a hanging basket.

Square Pad Eyes are available in three size variations: the dimensions for each are outlined in Table 1 below.

These padeyes are a stamped version, not cast.