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A2 Stainless UNF Dome Nuts

This page displays the items available within the A2 UNF Dome Nuts category.

A2 UNF Dome Nuts
Technical Data
Material A2 Stainless Steel

Approximate Dimensions
thread pitchspanner size
10 32 tpi3/8"
1/4" 28 tpi7/16"
5/16" 24 tpi1/2"
3/8" 24 tpi9/16"
7/16" 20 tpi5/8"
1/2" 20 tpi3/4"
9/16" 18 tpi7/8"
5/8" 18 tpi15/16"
3/4" 16 tpi1-1/8"

Prices are subject to quantity discounts based on a sliding scale. Enter the desired quantity in the relevant box in the table below. This will automatically calculate a line price indicating the applicable rate for the quantities selected. All prices shown exclude VAT.

Description Sale Qtys Example Price Qty Price Breakdown Despatch Estimate
A2 Stainless 10-32 UNF Dome Nut single nut
or box of 100
   1 box at 25.1p per nut £0.00
A2 Stainless 1/4 UNF Dome Nut sachet of 2
or box of 100
   1 box at 20.1p per nut £0.00
A2 Stainless 5/16 UNF Dome Nut single nut
or box of 100
   1 box at £0.35 per nut £0.00
A2 Stainless 3/8 UNF Dome Nut single nut
or box of 25
   1 box at £1.02 per nut £0.00
A2 Stainless 1/2 UNF Dome Nut single nut
or box of 50
   1 box at £1.27 per nut £0.00